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How do you coach?

You and I will have one on one sessions. Individual sessions. I feel individual sessions are a necessity when compared with group sessions. During the first session I will carefully listen to you, take a lot of notes and trace a road to reach your needs.

Will you help me with my depression / anxiety?

A coach is not a medical person. I will never ask you to review your medication because I simply can't . Treating severe depression and anxiety are for your Doctor to help.  What I do is propose you tons of unexpected life clues for happiness and teach your inner child to resurface.

Do you keep my datas private?

Yes I signed a confidentiality chart.
And I go further than that: each of your words I do not keep listed under your name.  I utilize a numbered codification for each of you and know your name .. by heart : )

Invest your time and energy in what really matters to you

You may think I am pricey.

But consider for a moment how you spend your life.

How much are you ready to spend for discovering true happiness? (Tip: happiness is not growing on nice cars neither on big houses).

My prices include years of finding happiness and creativity first for myself, because my life has not been a quite flowing river. I experienced what you experience. I lived your life searching for a meaning. And I found it. And I will share it with you once you decide working with me. And for that,

thank you,

Marc Bestgen

I enjoy being happy every day, and hopefully you can hear my happiness in my music. Life is beautiful.

Christina Milian


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