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Bundle releases : the next dates.

Please remember that our bundles are hand-made designed from A to Z thanks to the fingers touches on several art softwares. 

Please note that each bundle is released with a maximum number of possible downloads, in between (depending of the bundle and our mood) : ) 199 and 999 exemplars.  We keep one for us making the bundles in between 200 and 1000 releases each. Once the downloadable number reached, we won’t allow downloads anymore.

Prices are as low as some coffees and pastries in a tea room.

Here are the schedules hoping we won’t show too much delays:

The BlueWolf Retro Bundle will be released from December 27 2013 on. I’m trying my best to publish it before but I must sleep sometimes!

The Moresa Veynoil exquisite bundle wil be released January 3, 2014. Thank you for your patience and Happy New Year!

The Lavice Morwen Bundle, a masculine bundle for both men who enjoy men’s talks and for women who enjoy men’s silence, will be released January 10, 2014.

The Dohi City Bundle, our most exotic and extravageant bundle will be released January 17, 2014. Be ready for the voyage.

The Fliondeso Venecia Bundle, tasting years 1920, will be released for your pleasure January 24, 2014.

You can register on your own agenda via the shared calendar on page schedule, sub-page calendar not to skip any release.

Thank you and enjoy the day!

Marc Bestgen

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