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Creativity (Super Great) Tip#14

A great way to enhance your creativity is to "find other uses for an object". Take an object in your surrounding and list several other uses for that object. Some uses you will find quicker and some you will need some more seconds of thought.

For instance:

A brick (like in construction) is used to build walls, houses, etc.

A list of unusual uses could be used :

- to block a door open;

- to keep papers together on your desk thanks to its weights;

- as a pencil holder (through the holes in the brick);

- as a bodybuilding tool: using a heavy brick to do biceps / triceps exercises;

- as a weapon if encountering a mad dog;

- as a key keeper (leave your house keys under the brick in the garden)


Now your turn! Think about how you could use a surrounding object like a vase, a fork, a shoe, a spoon, a watch...

About the brick: did you find very different uses? In the next tip I will introduce you to VERY unexpected uses for a brick .. Till then, have fun!

Marc Bestgen

Creativity and Happiness Coach