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Creativity Tip #12

About your new notebook today. First please read tips 10 and 11 before this one. In your newly bought notebook you will write many (really: many) things you do not think about yet.

Let's start with page one. On a new page, write as title "I love, I like I enjoy:" then everyday, write under the title on five lines maximum who and/or what you love, like and enjoy". This will open your brain to new roads leading to having a more open and creative spirit. You will write your lines everyday, preferably the morning before your daily activities. I do it with my first morning coffee. Don't worry about repetitions or childish likes (they are very important).

Example of five lines:

I love my parents, I love my friend Eric, I like swimming, I enjoy walking on a sandy beach, I like sci-fi movies, I love the sound of the rain when inside my house, Ii enjoy the first morning coffee, i like colored pencils, I enjoy listening to country music, I like yoga, I love veggie pizzas, I enjoy writing the morning my likes, I love the sun, I love when it's warm outside, I like to see people go to work the morning, I like the sound of my neighbour's bike.

Now your turn! And see you on next tip for the science behind!

Thanks for reading, live happy,

Marc Bestgen

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