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Great Words to Say A Lot, Creativity Tip #16

Today I suggest you use positive words in your journal and describe what you would like to change within you, or at work, or at family level. The exercise is to use ONLY positive words. It is not so easy from a day to the other to master this, because we usually see a lot of negative and fewer of positive things in life.

For instance:

If I want my family to stop watching Netflix late at night, to not complain about the home food and to stop being rude with their grandmother, I would rephrase these as follows:

- I will love it when my family will gather at evening on the dinner table to play a Uno game;

- I will enjoy it when my family will appreciate the family dinner and before that, help their mother in the cooking:

- It will be fantastic when my kids will enjoy speaking with their grandmother.

Give it a try and feedback me!

Marc Bestgen

Creativity & Happiness Coaching