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Hipstamatic, Oggl: how I love you more then some of my family members

The most important quality of an application is not always visible within the application. I speak about the support provided by the company. Some applications designers sell their apps and forget to answer their fans, ignore questions when not treating the user of incompetency (it happened to me once and the app has been banned from Itunes Store). Reading my post title you’ll understand I’m most satisfied with Hipstamatic and Oggl support. It started with some technical trouble I experienced when restoring purchases. I sent a tweet to Hipstamatic Twitter account and got an email five minutes after (an evening) from one of their staff (hello Allan). Allan helped me going through each of the bugs or errors I comitted with a ninja’s precision. Since I wasn’t too satisfied at the start I received goodies that I never received in such abondent quantities in last four years of using applications. I think that the future of a company developping apps, is either to develop or to be doomed to be forgotten, and that it rests for a big part on the hands of the persons reading your problems and answering them. These days, many applications do about the same thinks, so if you are not satisfied of the support a camera app company gives you, delete it and go for another one. Some companies seem not to have understood this. I lately sent five long bug reports that took me hours to write to a company, they didn’t even thanked me with a postcard or a sticker or a free month’s service for having found a bug they now work on. I deleted the application and let them know they should offer their users whatever even something simple, as an apologize for something not working or as a kind reward for having found a bug. So as for Hipstamatic, I love their support and believe such a company with loving clients photographer amateur as me, will go far, very far in the picturing world. Marc Bestgen

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