Mindfulness, with a price.

As a surgery survivor I rather unfortunately received as a gift from the medical facility… chronic pain. The medical science is unable to fix the issue of tiredness I experience constantly, the difficulty I endure to walk or the unability I have to run again. This happened 14 years ago.

As a long introduction precedes, let me explain shortly how I became engaged into mindfulness. Mindfulness has been advised by the medical team to me as a magic door to help me in my struggle to live a life without or with fewer, pain.

I rapidly became a mindfulness junkie, reading all possible books and buying the right for my size meditation cushion till I someday years after, realised the cost and industry I went into. Don’t take me wrong, I am not going against mindfulness here but against the commercial use it brought.

Mindfulness is everywhere. Especially at my place. The sum of all new age books I bought, cushions, beans bracelets, music, membership to daily practice… is simply astronomic. And I am not alone being a market white sheep, since the annual total business cost in the world is skyrocketing.

I believe mindfulness is totally useful to me. I changed a lot and in good from my years of practice. I am rather against the commercial use of the mindfulness practice, but if there weren’t any business, would I have met mindfulness at first?

I’ll be rather happy reading your thoughts about this point,

have all a nice day : )

Marc Bestgen

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