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Momentage and new sharing pictures networks

Good morning, this application Momentage is fresh air from IG selfies and food pictures. I believe smaller companies like Momentage (when compared with Flickr and 500px or Smugmug) have this advantage of offering better personalized support and true community spirit. There are today new applications like this one offering photographers a response to the big pictures networks in which the user is feeling lost among millions of other users. I would compare bigger networks (Flickr, 500px) to huge Supermalls where you might find more choice (note that Momentage offers sound unseen in other big networks), while Momentage as well as Oggl, Okdothis, Pressgram are more like smaller shops with quality items where the owner advises and responds to you an individual way, and where you make friends with the other clients!

If your purpose is to bring traffic to your website (shame on you :)), it is not a bright idea running opening an account on one of the major groups like Flickr, 500px or Smugmug. Why? Because you will sink among millions of users wanting just the same (to be seen!), commenting your pictures with their own link as signature (a well known trick to advertise oneself under your own pictures) and I doubt your blog with benefit from this. I advise going to small (relatively) picture sharing networks to create true relationships with users and discover real talent (not food pictures).

All these applications have different qualities so you might want all or one of them depending on your needs:

Oggl is Hipstamatic network showing wonderfull Hipstamatic pictures. The app is also opened to non Hipstamatic pictures making the purists regret this but still it is a wonderfull place because of the lens and films qualities. Exceptional support as I wrote about in a previous post.

Okdothis is a fun place, you choose a photo making challenge and upload the result. Some people misunderstood the purpose and said not to go to an app telling them what to picture. False. Take it as a brainstorming app full of ideas for new pictures. I got it too. In fact I was in, deleted my account and asked support to reopen it. They did and found back all my deleted pictures. Hooray for another exquisite support!

Momentage I’m still on it so more to come after a real test. I do not speak about an application I only play with one day, but more like a month. So you can trust my words here. But i feel it will be a good place for your pictures.

Pressgram I use to upload pictures to my WordPress blog. I first thought this is an utility I won’t need because I can upload from the WordPress app itself! But that was before I discover the feed of other users (so jealous about some art people do), the ability to add a watermark on your pictures (super usefull), and the unbelievable : one of the most numerous best filters I ever saw!

Tumblr is for me a different “case”: I’m impressed by the excellent quality of pictures uploaded once you tailor your search via keywords. Impressive artists. Problem is you do not know who did the picture first place so easily. You might upload a fantastic picture and have it reblogged thousand times without having a single visit on your main site because nobody will really care, just wanting to have the pic on their own page too. Tumblr could be a fantastic sharing pictures application if the initial photographer was clearly mentioned on the reblogs, it is not the case. I once saw a fantastic picture on Tumblr and tried to trace where it comes from. It was a reblog of a shared picture. Probably not legally uploaded but copied from another place. I asked three people on top the list if they did it (and communicate on Tumblr is uneasy), none answered.

Ok this post is long now I must take pictures!

Have a nice day,

Marc Bestgen

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