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ProCamera 7 app: why did you do this to me ….

I bought ProCamera 7 because I’ve been once again victim of non-saying-all reviewers ! Why? Points follow!

1. The company “forces” you to like their Facebook page to get some filters. I’m unsure how legal this is. And believe it or not, not everybody is on Facebook and nobody likes (pun intended) to be forced. The company replied me that you get the filters, liking their page or not but I guarantee it is unclear how. They state it is their only way to get more followers. Reading they sold thousands of applications I wonder why this “like us on Facebook” rush. I would gladly accept it from an independant developer freely realising an app but not from a big-size company. NEW January 11: I saw on App Store the description mentions clearly the Facebook not being required but it is buried under “latest releases” not the company fault.

2. The free filters and in app purchases filters are all mixed. The company I suspect did it purposely because you think having all filters shown on screen, find a nice effect, and when you want to save your picture you are brought to an in app purchase screen. It should be clear what I can do with the app without waiting the last moment I want to save a picture to tell me I can’t! Hooray for other apps only showing you what you get for your money and very clearly showing a separate IAP list. NEW January. 11: the company agreed with me on that and will change their IAP presentation but they say it will take time. I guess it’s big work.

3. Preview icons are way to small. Instead should be written B1, H1 like other apps do. You get a live big preview so this point is not too important but could be an improvment.

Marc Bestgen

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