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Talking at your bus station, Act Now! Happiness Tip #2

Something we do not do at least in Belgium is talk with strangers at the bus stop. I noticed that coming back from one of my trips to Rwanda, where people talk with each other. In Brussels, no way to speak with a total stranger or engage in a short conversation. But once you start doing it, people will respond and enjoy the talk. Each time I take the bus I do talk with the person next to me and nothing bad happens, just good.

I urge you to do the same! Okay, you won't be able to talk with the teenager having closed huge headset with mechanical music on brainwashing him or her. But most of the people enjoy a small talk.

If you do not know how to start here are a few starters:

- "Could you tell me what time is it? My watch is not working well" (a small lie for a greater good)

- "I don't know how to dress anymore with the weather changing all the time!"

- "Please do you know in how many minutes bus number X is supposed to stop here?"

These are great starters for a conversation. Use variations on a supermarket cue (do not use the bus trick here).

Remember that most of the people enjoy talking, it's just that because nobody does it first that we remain silent.

Additional bonus: this will enhance your happiness, there's science behind!

Have a great happy day,

Marc Bestgen

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