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The future of to-do lists

Till recently I liked to consider myself as a todo-list ninja. I got the best lists applications and also a Filofax which is a paper agenda. After a year of use, I one day realized I have more than 30 tasks to do in a day not including recurrent tasks. I wondered what happened and read the electronic list carefully. What I did to have so much items categorized as to-dos was this: as soon an idea appears in my mind, I added it to my list, almost automatically. This is all nice except the list become impossible to manage. And I had no more room free for doing things I love like walking an hour in a nearby forest or enjoying a lazy morning. The decision I took was extreme: I deleted my to-do applications with all their content, without copying somewhere on paper the items remaining to do. I told myself that if something was important and urgent among the clutter of ideas, I will remember it. And I felt free. Without knowing it, filling my to-do app with content, I became a slave of the list. Once the list disappeared, I felt totally free and from the thirty tasks I deleted, I remembered the more important ones. Apparently I am not the only one who became a slave of its own schedule when searching in forums. The beauty of this is that now I select a wiser way the real tasks I need to do , write them on paper and have time for a walk. For me the future of to-do lists is simply to become again a tool and not a master.

Marc Bestgen

Creativity & Happiness Coach