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Unless you want to be a looser on Twitter, don’t do these.

Thousands of aspiring to glory indie musicians are on Twitter. The behaviour of some, instead of bringing fame, makes them sinking their own ship. Here are some don’t and do on Twitter things:

– unless you’re Kraftwerk or Santana, don’t try getting followers without following back. I explain: popular accounts of celebrities might be showing “following 20 – followers 150K”. This indicates a “hey I’m famous” ratio. But do not do this (not following back) hoping your account will have a mini-celebrity look. It looks pathetic. You should follow back and interract.

– do NOT send a message, especially automated, to your followers asking for more like the following “hi followmw on FB/LastFm like my Youtube” etc. Someone follows you, send him a thank you WITHOUT ANY link to follow you elsewhere. Personal note: I block people sending me such messages, and I’m considered a cool person. It annoys me.

– do not send an inbox message to someone you do not follow back! Because your follower won’t be able to answer you. I block also these so acting people. Take especially good care of your automated messages sent when someone follows you! Because if someone follows you while you sleep and your follower tries replying your “hey what’re you into?” Or what seems an authenticly fresh message, he won’t be able sending it and feel you a fake.

– Do not jump into a conversation of people you do not follow and who do not follow you. It may be considered as intrusive. Note: with me, you may as long as you do not advertise but want to add something to a discussion.

– Do not promise “hey I follow back everyone!” When your account shows you got 12K followers and follow …2.

– Do not only speak about you, you and you in your tweets. Be open to similar projects, and help others develop too.

– BE AUTHENTIC. Be yourself. A blogging specialist told me that for impact I should focus on my “targeted followers and only blog about music and images”. But this would not be me. I like speaking about the rain over ny town, how I feel, about piloting my planes, and so on. This is me and people follow me for who I am. I don’t target.

– Twitter has a strict policy about direct for instance “@marcbestgen hi listen to my cat’s voice” policy. You can be quickly punished by Twitter for sending too many direct messages. Twitter (as Facebook) do not mention a daily quota but I suspect it is very low.

– Take care of automated posting services that could go over Twitter’s regulations and have you banned. I recently via Klout sent thank you DM messages to people who I believe are influencials in my domain. It was a nice automated Klout message sent to ten persons I feel interesting in their fields. Result: none of them thanked me and Twitter reminded me not to send so many (ten?) direct messages. So be careful with posting services even if you are offering something.

– Do not unless you have a problem with, unfollow someone a day after you follow the person. The reason you do that is when you reach 2K following you can’t add anymore and try to get rid of some to follow fresh meat. Ugly behaviour. This is badly appreciated because more of us Twitter users have tools (free ones) that tell us who did that, bad boy : )

Voilà, hope this helps!

Marc Bestgen

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