Living Your Great Life, even with Chronic Pain

I am a surgery survivor. I suffered from chronic pain for endless years till I found out the pain wants to tell me something. And I listened...


Today I still have pain (medical condition)  but my life is now filled with happiness and fantastic joy, making my days sunny and bright,  thanks to a swiss knife of tools and tricks I followed, created and designed in this especially for chronic pain sufferers package.


It includes:


- a 90 minutes introduction Skype session;

- 12 times 70 minutes one on one Skype session;

- Each week is provided with exercises; theory you do not know about yet, facts, and smiles;

- Email sending of Exercises, Motivation sheets, facts, commented

- Tons of pdf the science behind and workbooks;

- Four months unlimited email support

- Email evaluation and boosted tricks

- Lifetime Access to my ever-developing pdf library and online documents


Important: I am not a Medical Doctor. Before booking the package, please tell your Medical Doctor you will follow a Happiness and Motivational Coaching Programme that will not interfere with your medication neither physical condition programme.


    I’m a Refund policy ninja.  In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase after the first session with me, I have a straightforward refund policy that is a great way to build trust and reassure you that you can buy with confidence.

  • How to plan a session?

    Once you paid I will contact you for scheduling. My advise is that you book no more than one session per week. Ideally, one each ten days. I'm flexible and depending on your needs we may change a schedule to suit better your needs or work schedule.

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€648.00Sale Price


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